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Susan K. Seahorn


Ms. Seahorn attended Carson Newman College and the University of Tennessee undergraduate programs with a major in history and received her B.A. in 1978.  Ms. Seahorn attended the University of Tennessee College of Law where she received her J.D. in 1981.  Ms. Seahorn was admitted to the Tennessee Bar in October of 1981.  Ms. Seahorn went into private practice  with the firm of Daugherty and Alliman in Knoxville and one of the first tasks she assisted in was preparation of a murder trial in which the accused was acquitted.  Ms. Seahorn worked with Daughtery and Alliman until July 1982.  She then moved to North Carolina where she sat for the North Carolina bar and was admitted to practice in North Carolina in 1983.  Ms. Seahorn worked for the private firm of Winston, Blue, and Rooks from 1983 until 
1985 in Durham doing appointed, misdemeanor, and juvenile cases and some appellate work.  During this time, Ms. Seahorn moved to suppress a juvenile show up that violated the statute, and when she lost she took the case to the North Carolina Supreme court where it was ruled that the trial court was in error.  In early 1985, Ms. Seahorn moved to Florida.  Ms. Seahorn took the Florida Bar and was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1985.  Ms. Seahorn worked at the firm of Bernard Daley and did post-conviction and parole work, until she entered the Office of the Federal Defender of the Northern District of Florida where she represented clients in bank robberies and drug cases.  Ms. Seahorn won her first jury trial in Federal Court in the spring of 1986.

Susan K. Seahorn: About
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